Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

Posted by on Dec 12, 2013 in Trailers | 2 comments

Confronted with the prospect of a single day repeated for eternity, Bill Murray decided to master the piano. Tom Cruise decides to go a different route. More super-mech-soldier, less tickling the ivories.

Of course, Cruise isn’t really given much choice. Forced to repeat a brutal alien invasion battle which he knows he cannot win, he and a Special Forces badass (Blunt) improve upon his skills so that with each passing day, they get closer to winning the battle.

POSTER_EoTWhile terribly cliché’d, the action sequences and special effects may save this movie. I will admit that I’m not the biggest Tom Cruise fan out there. He has the potential to be ok on screen, however ever since his Oprah-couch-jumping session, and all of the Scientology nonsense, I just look at him differently now; kinda like Mel Gibson, though less drunken-racist and more idiot-cult follower. (And before anyone blasts me, I realize Scientology isn’t a cult… but come on, it dances damn close to the definition.)

But I digress. I’m disappointed in the lack of originality in this trailer, and I fully expect the film to deliver the same level of “meh”. I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong.

I guess we’ll see.


  1. The thing is that I don’t think this movie will have that many twists and I am not expecting the story to be really that good… So again one movie where Tom is and most likely to my eyes it will fail.

    • Can’t disagree with you.

      Now that said, if someone else was in the key role, like say Hugh Jackman or someone, would you be more interested, even with the same script?

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