Episode 49: Logan

Episode 49: Logan

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logan-movie-posterOne of the things which has been missing from comic book movies for some time now has been subtlety. Producers and directors have been far too concerned with the spectacle, that they’ve barely paid any attention to the subtlety. This isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with spectacle. Whether we’re talking about Deadpool or the Avengers, there’s something gratifying about watching big, bold, bombastic scenes with our favourite heroes.

However in being so over the top, one of the things which such films forsake is relatability. And if you’ve ever thought that you have nothing in common with a mutant with claws that come out of his fists, or a telepathic old man, then you’ve never seen them when they weren’t saving the world from the likes of Magneto or the Weapon X program.

In closing out Jackman’s Wolverine run, writer/director James Mangold wanted to bring a humanity to the characters that we’ve seldom seen… and in so doing, brought us what is in my opinion, the most impactful comic book movie ever made. Because it is in their failings… their struggle… their longing for some modicum of sanity, that we see ourselves.

For this episode of Popcorn Ronin, we have recorded a full audio commentary for the film, as we did with Guardians of the Galaxy. Queue up Logan right before the very first studio splash for 20th Century Fox, and then press play when told in the episode.


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  1. I believe that in the run where the Reavers first appeared in the X-men, it was stated that they were goons of the hellfire club who had been cut up by wolverine during his famous break-in into the club via the sewers (original dark phonix saga). In their introductory arc, the reavers shot Logan up and left him dying on a cross. From here he was rescude and nursed back to health by then-new Jubilee – an arc that also hinted at a frailer version of the rarely vulnerable wolverine. Just fun to see the parallels as well as wolverines actions coming back full circle to haunt him.

    Thanks for the awesome commentary.

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