Episode 26: Guardians of the Galaxy

Episode 26: Guardians of the Galaxy

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GOTG-posterThis week, Vince and I did something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time; record our own audio commentary. It wasn’t difficult to decide which movie we should choose. Guardians of the Galaxy recently was released, and we both picked up a copy (having both seen it at the theatre as well).

Guardians of the Galaxy works on so many levels, be it as a fun, comic book adaptation, or a beautifully crafted sic-fi adventure. It also manages to create some of the most heart-wrenching scenes we experienced in 2014, using CGI characters. Seriously.

In addition to discussing the film, and some of the behind the scenes information, we also chatted about the Guardians as it relates to their comic book adventures. This is a great commentary for folks who are curious about all aspects of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

So queue up the movie on your side, on the black screen immediately before EARTH appears on the screen. Lower the volume, and start up this commentary episode of Popcorn Ronin. Wait for us to tell you when to hit play… then enjoy.

Let us know if you enjoyed this commentary. While it isn’t something we’d do on a regular basis, we would love to produce more if folks are interested. If you’d like to hear more about the comics version of the Guardians, check the link below.

Thanks for listening.


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