Episode 47: Ip Man Trilogy

Episode 47: Ip Man Trilogy

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71jpJQJoNRL._SY445_Born in 1893, Ip Man (also referred to as Yip Man), lived an extraordinary life. Many films take creative liberties with that life, however even the reality is exceptional.

He started training in Wing Chun kung fu at age 7, and by the end of his life, he’d had a profound impact on the style, having trained a number of students who carried on his work, not the least of which being the legendary Bruce Lee.

Ip Man lived through the Second Sino-Japanese War, worked as a police officer, started a new life in Hong Kong, and went on to represent someone larger than life to the Chinese people (and anyone who is passionate about martial arts).

On this episode of Popcorn Ronin, Vince and I tackle the Ip Man trilogy starring Donnie Yen. While the films sometimes take a direction we weren’t crazy about, the trilogy as a whole is still one of our favourites. The acting is superb, most notably from Donnie Yen and Lynn Hung.

Then, there are the fight scenes… each more spectacular than the last.

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