Episode 46: Iron Fist

Episode 46: Iron Fist

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iron-fist-posterWhen Iron Fist was first announced, many of us were excited at the prospect of not just a Power Man and Iron Fist team-up, but also of an emerging Defenders cast of characters. The Defenders, and Heroes for Hire, are fairly well-known teams in the Marvel comics universe. They’re a grounded team, in so much as can be expected from a team that includes the invulnerable, the mystical, and the badass.

However unlike the Avengers, they feel far more relatable to the average person. Let the Asgardian, the monster, and the international spy tackle rogue gods and invading alien forces. We want to watch the B-listers tackle the mystical Gao, the Hand, or any other potential threat in the bowels of New York.

kick-colleen-us-1489413011795_1280wIron Fist was meant to introduce not just the character, but to further Claire, Gao and others’ stories, and how they all will tie into The Defenders. Unfortunately, for many, it has already cast distrust, not just with the character, but with Marvel’s ability to create a cohesive, nuanced, engaging story.

Iron Fist is that bad.

It’s riddled with horrible acting, terrible story-arcs, baffling directing decisions, and spectacularly bad fight scenes.

I knew that we had to discuss the show on Popcorn Ronin, however I wondered how we’d be able to do anything but tear it apart. Luckily, guest co-host Joe, had some positive things to say, amongst all of the constructive criticism… which is more than I was able to offer.

Let us know what you thought of the series. To date, I know of one person who enjoyed it. He can’t be the only one out there who’s wrong.

😉 @mayordasmoose, who was supposed to join us but had to cancel at the last moment.

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