Episode 44: Rogue One / Star Wars Rebels

Episode 44: Rogue One / Star Wars Rebels

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R1-posterSet days before A New Hope, Rogue One tells the story of how the Death Star plans made their way into the hands of the Rebel Alliance. It’s a story of bravery in the face of certain death. And it is that certainty which creates powerful character moments. Whether it’s Jyn coming to terms with her feelings for both her father and surrogate father Saw Gerrera, or Cassian accepting who he is, while striving to be someone better; it is the characters whom you want to see more of.

Of course, Vince and I both agree that once again, it is the droid who steals the show, this time in the form of K-2SO, voiced by the legendary Alan Tudyk. His reprogrammed Imperial droid has a subtle humour that speaks to us. That, and the fact that though working for the Rebels, he still has a touch of the dark side in him which makes him a joy to watch on-screen.

star-wars-rebels-season-three-posterWe also discussed this season’s Star Wars Rebels, which has been ramping up nicely. The shift has been taken away from Ezra, and placed onto Sabine, who has recovered the Darksaber, whose wielder commands the Mandalorians.

Sabine does not want this responsibility, however the Rebel Alliance desperately need more fighters. The rest of the crew convince her to take the mantle, however not before being properly trained.

This season has been a lot of fun, with notable villains emerging.

Let us know what you thought of either of these in the comments.

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