Episode 43: Luke Cage

Episode 43: Luke Cage

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lukecageposterAmong Netflix originals, none seem to elicit as much fan reaction as do the Marvel series. Even the hint of a possible series featuring a comic book favourite warrants blog entries and podcast mentions. In the past, Vince and I have discussed these on our Comic Book Informer podcast; however with that now retired, we turn to Popcorn Ronin to dive into Luke Cage.

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Luke Cage has come a long way in the comic books, and so Vince and I have been looking forward to seeing more of him on screen, since his introduction in the Jessica Jones series. Mike Colter’s take on the character is fantastic, though we agreed that it’s in fact the female cast who stole the show. Simone Missick, Alfre Woodard, and Rosario Dawson were each utterly spectacular as Misty Knight, Mariah Dillard, and Claire Temple.

The show wasn’t without its issues however. While the diverse writing staff were able to create phenomenal scenes, they sometimes got a little too caught up in the sound of their own (writing) voices. Also, we both agreed that the series suffered as a whole due to the Diamondback story-arc.

Despite all this however, we still rank the series very high among the other Marvel entries, and look forward to more with these amazing characters.

All Comics Considered – Luke Cage Episode

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