Episode 40: The Dresden Files

Episode 40: The Dresden Files

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the_dresden_files_movie_poster_by_ddragoonHis office door is unassuming, as is his name and title. Written in a plain font is “Harry Dresden. Wizard.” If you’ve a problem that is supernatural in nature – the kind that the police largely ignore – then Harry’s your man.

The Dresden Files, based on the immensely popular, urban fantasy novels by Jim Butcher, ran for only one season in 2007, much to its fans’ dismay… as the series was, and remains, so much fun to watch.

Paul Blackthorne shines as Dresden, to the point where you cannot help but see him whenever you now read the novels, despite him looking very little like the written character.

Brilliant casting didn’t end with Blackthorne, however. Valerie Cruz as Lt. Murphy was amazing, as was Terrence Mann as Bob, and Conrad Coates as Morgan.

The series ran for 12 episodes, covering several story-arcs, while paving the way for future arcs, which sadly never came.

Luckily, Dresden lives on in novels, comics and even an upcoming board game.

Both Vince and I highly recommend this series. Let us know what you think.

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