Episode 39: Warcraft

Episode 39: Warcraft

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Warcraft-Movie-Durotan-SDCC-Character-Poster-1277x1940On this episode of Popcorn Ronin, Vince and I tackle a controversial film.

Not one that deals with the racial prejudices of our world.

Not one that deals with political corruption.

No. What we’re discussing is a film based on a video game.


At the time of recording, the film had a paltry Rotten Tomatoes reviewer score of 29%. You would think the film must be doing poorly in ticket sales because of this, however due to the overwhelming number of Warcraft fans – due to the original real-time strategy game by the same name, and later the massively multi-player online game, the film is doing fairly well, especially in China.

Vince and I have both played Warcraft, though despite our affection for the franchise, we were still fairly critical of the film. Unfortunately, the film does not stand well on its own, requiring a fair bit of existing knowledge to truly enjoy the experience… and even then, you may have to rely more on your love of the lore and characters, than the actual strength of the script and performances.

Let us know what you thought of the film.

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