Episode 38: Song of the South / Zootopia

Episode 38: Song of the South / Zootopia

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Poster - Song of the South_04A few weeks ago, I read an interesting feature on Screen Crush which focused on Song of the South. With Zootopia garnering praise from critics and movie-goers alike, a discussion about both of these films seemed like a good idea for Vince and I here at Popcorn Ronin.

It’s impossible to go into Song of the South with an open mind, however we do try to evaluate the non-offensive parts fairly. Much like that Screen Crush feature, we discuss not just the film’s racism, but also give our thoughts on whether or not the film is even any good. Certainly, it employed brilliant special effects for the time, and introduced one of Disney’s catchiest songs, but strip the racism from the film, and are you left with anything worth watching?

Listen to find out.

Zootopia_poster_goldposter_com_26-400x571Next up, we discuss one of my favourite movies of the year thus far: Zootopia.

From its strong morals and can-do attitude, to its brilliantly written script, this film stands far above the rest. Certainly, this buddy-cop show uses damn near ever cliche in the book; however as Vince and I are want to say, it’s what you do with that cliche that will determine if it makes you groan, or appreciate the twist.

From Judy’s Godzilla / Attack of the 50 Foot Woman romp through Little Rodentia, to Nick kissing Mr. Big’s ring as was done in The Godfather, Zootopia is filled with cultural references which adults will appreciate in a way that younger children will not understand. However ever since the Looney Tunes, that’s something that studios have understood to be an important part of a successful film.

Please enjoy this episode.


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