Episode 27: Horns

Episode 27: Horns

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Horns Poster (2)This week, Vince and I decided to discuss a movie that neither of liked. We did this for you, our listeners. Because some times it’s fun to listen to a couple idiots ranting about a director’s lack of finesse.

And there is a massive lack of finesse in Horns. Director Alexandre Aja did not paint this film in broad strokes… he threw paint cans at it like Jackson Pollock on crack.

Still, Vince would recommend the novel from which this was adapted. Joe Hill is a talented writer, and while this isn’t Vince’s favorite of his novels, he maintains it was still far superior to the film.

Daniel Radcliffe is surprisingly good in this movie, however everything around him suffers due to Aja’s heavy-handed approach to horror filmmaking.

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