Episode 16: X-Men – Part 2

Episode 16: X-Men – Part 2

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This week, Vince and I finish our X-Men two-parter, tackling X-Men: Days of Future Past.

As mentioned before, Vince and I covered the comic book event in depth on our Comic Book Informer podcast; and though we both wanted to separate this movie from the comics, some things forced us to question whether director Bryan Singer had even read the actual event… or even any X-Men comics at all.

Kitty isn’t a telepath, Singer!


The thing is, though we both loved this movie, it’s moments like these which push our disbelief to the breaking point. Vince pointed out several moments which I hadn’t picked up on, and though I hate him for that, it still doesn’t change my love of the film.

I am very much looking forward to the blu ray release, and I really hope there are multiple audio commentaries which explain why certain paths were taken, when common sense would have instead chosen others.

Give us your thoughts on the movie. We’d love to hear your opinions.


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