47 Ronin

47 Ronin

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Whenever I find myself thinking negatively about a trailer, I try to determine if it is the film’s promise or my expectation which is disappointing me. It’s far to easy to hold a film up to an idea of what you believe it should be, as opposed to accepting it for what the filmmakers want it to be. It’s even harder when a filmmaker takes a piece of history and butchers it. POSTER_47_Ronin

See what I mean? I couldn’t even make it through this post without showing my monumental disappointment in what Carl Rinsch has done with 47 Ronin.

Let’s forget for a moment that it stars Keanu Reeves and some kid whose only accomplishment is to have tatttooed his entire body in what one can only imagine was a fairly fucked up period in his life (not judging… just guessing). No, the real reason this bothers me is because they took an important part of Japan’s history and turned it into an American fantasy. Starring Keanu Reeves. Ok, so apparently his appearance does irk me.

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