Episode 37: Mr. Holmes

Episode 37: Mr. Holmes

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Mr.-HolmesSince seeing Mr. Holmes last year, Vince and I have spoken about devoting an episode to it. The film is brilliant is so many regards, and we simply had to delve deeper into it, and discuss some of our favourite moments.

As opposed to many of the other Holmes outings, this film is far more subtle in its approach. It presents us with a Holmes at various stages in his life, though it is McKellen’s performance as a 93 year old Sherlock which strikes a chord with most viewers. It is this Holmes who has lost his grasp on his spectacular mind, and spends much of his time trying to piece together the events which lead to the conclusion of his final case.

Mr. Holmes is that rare breed of film which one can look at and compliment for its direction, acting, writing, cinematography and score. Every second is enjoyable, thought-provoking, and as I said time and time again during this recording, brilliant.


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