Episode 35: Wes Craven

Episode 35: Wes Craven

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poster_THHEThere is likely no other genre of film as social as horror. We start off watching it with friends, late in the evenings, probably in their parents’ basement, laughing with every scare.

As soon as we’re old enough (or look old enough), we’re in theatres, and this is where horror truly shines. More so than any other type of movie, it becomes a bonding experience.

There is a difference between laughing with a theatre full of people at a joke or gag on the screen… versus jumping back in fright, our hearts racing, then laughing nervously. That process of being scared shitless beforehand somehow makes the laughter far more personal because it comes from a place of vulnerability.

poster_ScreamThis summer, we lost an icon. Someone who had the talent to bring us one of the most frightening villain of all times… and we’re going to discuss that film, as well as a couple more.

From The Hills Have Eyes, to Nightmare On Elm Street and finally Scream, we discuss not just the films, but also their influence on other horror movies. We also touch on how Craven’s work changed over the decades.

poster_NOESIt was a very fun episode to record. Far looser than our prior episodes, this wasn’t about dissecting each film, but rather discussing some of the best, and iconic work from Craven.

Having been able to enjoy these films when they first released, as well as recently, our views on them have certainly changed. However we still get to hang onto those memories of seeing Freddy for the first time… of seeing that glove constructed.

You don’t forget something like that.

In today’s more desensitized world, many young teens won’t ever have that experience. And that’s sad.

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