Episode 30: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time / Ghost in the Shell

Episode 30: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time / Ghost in the Shell

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POSTER-TGWLTTIf there’s one genre that anime does especially well, it’s science fiction. It’s so prevalent in most anime that we are never truly surprised when someone uses a cybernetic ability, or leaps through time.

Anime creators will often blur the lines between genres, simply because they can, and because audiences are often more open-minded about what they’ll accept from an anime story.

Look at The Girl Who Leapt Through Time; a beautiful story that is just as much a story about a teenage girl growing up, coming to grips with the consequences of her actions, and experiencing her first love, as it is about time travel.

POSTER-GITSThen there’s Ghost in the Shell, one of the most iconic anime movies of the 90’s, which tackles identity, sexuality, and what truly constitutes life.

Ghost in the Shell is a movie which remains with you, long after you’ve stopped watching it. Due to its graphic intro sequence, it appeals to a young, predominantly male audience; however with age comes a different type of appreciation, not just for that intro sequence, but for the film as a whole.

Both films impressed us, from beginning to end, and as is often the case with exceptional anime, they are a joy to talk about; from the art style to the action sequences.

Let us know what you thought of these films. On our next episode, we are going to continue with science fiction movies, though we’re going to leap into the world of live action, with Chappie and Ex Machina.


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