Episode 29: Birdman / The Grand Budapest Hotel / The Imitation Game

Episode 29: Birdman / The Grand Budapest Hotel / The Imitation Game

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POSTER_BirdmanThis week, Vince and I discuss the top three Oscar nominated films for 2015: Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Imitation Game. Right from the start, I mention how this year’s Academy nominations were incredibly swayed by the largely white, male voters; however please don’t take that to mean that these three films were not deserving of their nominations. Rather, other films, like the critically successful Selma should have also been nominated.

For all of their jokes against super hero movies during the Oscars, it was very ironic that their biggest winner, Birdman, is technically about a super hero character. Birdman made off with Best Picture and Directing, most notably.

The film is very unique in how it was directed, and while Vince and I didn’t agree on its effectiveness throughout the film, neither of us could deny the film’s impact.

POSTER_TGBHNext, we discuss our actual favourite film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, a brilliantly written film. Wes Anderson assembled a cast of four previous Oscar winners and eleven nominees, and made each shine in their own moments.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is the type of incredible film that is better with each viewing, as the writing is tight, sharp, and as Vince pointed out, does not slow down if you fall a few steps behind.

Ralph Fiennes shines in this film, however as mentioned earlier, so too does every other actor. The writing is very clever. I love intelligent writing, and this film did not disappoint.

POSTER-TIGLastly, we covered The Imitation Game. This is the story of Alan Turing, the man whom Winston Churchill stated made the single greatest contribution in Britain’s war effort by cracking the enigma code.

The film also chronicles his marriage, as well as his homosexuality, for which he is convicted in 1952, as it was illegal then.

The Imitation Film is a spectacularly well written film, and is important for so many reasons. This man saved countless lives, and yet was treated horrifically. It is a horrible chapter in Britain’s history, and was only just addressed a few years ago.

We hope you enjoy this episode. We intend on discussing several other nominated films in the coming months, as well as some which while not nominated, were also brilliant and deserving of attention.


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