Episode 28: The Great Escape / Chicken Run

Episode 28: The Great Escape / Chicken Run

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poster_thegreatescape2Filmmakers are often inspired by great films which have come before them. For me personally, nowhere is this more obvious, and awesome, than with The Great Escape and Chicken Run. From Ginger’s solitary ball bouncing, to her plan to get the entire coup freed, the similarities make it so that adults are able to enjoy the film as much as, if not more than, their children.

Months ago, we featured Steve McQueen and it was difficult not to add The Great Escape to our list of movies to discuss. However I’d been planning this comparison episode for some time and had thought it would be be fun to discuss not just The Great Escape, but also Chicken Run.

In this episode, Vince takes point on The Great Episode, while I rave about a little chicken movie. We give each the attention they deserve and talk about the obvious comparisons that have to be made.

poster_chickenrun_xlgReleased in 1963, The Great Escape from John Sturges was an immediate hit, boasting a massively talented cast, from Steve McQueen, to James Garner and Richard Attenborough. Meanwhile, Chicken Run, released in 2000, was such a huge hit that it prompted a new Academy Awards category to be created for the Oscars (Best Animated Film).

We hope you enjoy this episode. We had an absolute blast recording it.


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