Episode 25: Big Hero 6

Episode 25: Big Hero 6

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POSTER_BH6ComicOriginally written as a comic book from Marvel in the late 90s, Big Hero 6 was picked up by Disney and transformed into an absolutely fantastic animated film. Instead of trying to make sense of the original storyline, Disney broke the story down to its core concept: of a boy and his robot.

The boy in this case, is of course Hiro. The robot is Baymax.

While in the comic book, Baymax contained elements of Hiro’s father, for the film, Disney decided to make it essences of his brother, whom we get to meet early on in the movie. Disney gives us plenty of time to get to know and love Tadachi, and so when he is killed (this should come as no surprise to anyone, hence no spoiler warning), we are able to empathize with Hiro and to a certain degree, understand his drive to avenge his brother.

Vince and I both agree that the film is in many ways superior to the comic book experience. We discussed the comic book on our Comic Book Informer podcast, and I’d urge you all to have a listen to that episode; if for no other reason than to get a feel for how Disney played with the existing lore.

Let us know what you think of the film.


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