Episode 24: Robot and Frank

Episode 24: Robot and Frank

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POSTER_RAFAs a young boy growing up in the 70s, robots were the ultimate embodiment of a future I would most certainly be a part of. I read up on them, and seriously considered going into robotics; that is, until I decided to become a cartoonist instead. Eventually I decided I would try to bring them to life with words, and as an adult in the 21st century, that’s proven to be an exceptional amount of fun.

In studying up on robotics, I’ve come to discover the massive leaps forward the field has taken, which makes it easier for me to believe that advancements, such as those we see in Robot and Frank, may one day become a reality.

Robot and Frank is a phenomenal film, in so many ways. Frank Langella is fantastic as Frank, the retired catburglar turned robot corruptor. The film is tightly edited, though despite having a short running time of 89 minutes, it still manages to squeeze in humour, tension, surprises and character development, the likes of which shouldn’t be possible for this type of movie.

You can find the film on Netflix, and both Vince and I highly recommend it.

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