Episode 22: Steve McQueen

Episode 22: Steve McQueen

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POSTER_TSPWhen looking back to our youth, there are several actors who stand out as iconic favourites. Actors whose presence on screen is as powerful today as it was in their time.

Recently, we devoted an entire episode to one such actor, Paul Newman. It seems only fitting that we now devote another episode to the man with whom he shared billing, a rival on and off the screen… Steve McQueen.

McQueen was an amazing actor, capable of delivering honest performances which resonated with audiences. Despite only ever being nominated for an Oscar once, for The Sand Pebbles, his resume includes some of the biggest movies of his time.

POSTER_BullittVince grabbed the hosting reigns for this episode, and according to him, it was quite difficult to choose but three films to discuss. The Sand Pebbles was an obvious choice, due to the Oscar nomination, as was Bullitt, due to its popularity and success. For the last movie, Vince selected The Towering Inferno, as it tied the conversation up neatly, discussing McQueen and Newman.

The truth is, if we polled a dozen people, they’d probably each have their own distinct lists. Personally, I’d have loved discussing Papillion, and we may still some day.

POSTER_TTIWhat were some of your favorite McQueen Movies? Let us know in the comments.

This was a fun episode to record. For one, the subject matter was of great interest to the both of us; but also, as mentioned earlier, Vince took the hosting reigns for this episode. This won’t become the norm, however as anyone who’s listened to our Comic Book Informer podcast knows, Vince is fantastic behind the mic, regardless of his role… and he nailed it this episode.

As alluded to during recording, I’ve big plans for an upcoming The Great Escape episode. It probably won’t be for a few months, however I look forward to talking about chickens- I mean, prisoners at that time.



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