Episode 12: Sherlock

Episode 12: Sherlock

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SHERLOCK-MOVIEThis week, Vince and I had some fun tackling the many faces of Sherlock, including the Guy Ritchie films, the BBC series and Elementary.

I have been enjoying the resurgence of this character over the last few years. Guy Ritchie did a lot in bringing Sherlock back as a character capable of delivering an action packed performance, and of course Robert Downey Jr. played Sherlock masterfully. Some people criticized the action in the film, stating Sherlock is far more cerebral, however the character has always been capable of handling himself in a fight; Ritchie just allowed us to see those fights (in a brilliant manner).

For this episode of Popcorn Ronin, Vince and I discussed Sherlock (and cast), as well as elements of stories, however we didn’t break down the movies and television episodes as we sometimes do. This was more of an over-arching discussion, which resulted in a looser format.

SHERLOCK-BBCIn addition to the movies, both Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, we also discussed the BBC series, which we both thoroughly enjoy.

While Vince wasn’t as crazy about the most recent season, I found it exceptional, for a variety of reasons. We both agreed “The Sign of Three” was the strongest episode this season, wherein Sherlock must give a toast at Dr. Watson’s wedding.

We also agreed that Sherlock’s (BBC) interpretation of Irene Adler is by far the best.

SHERLOCK-ELEMENTARYElementary was also included in the conversation. Vince hasn’t watched it regularly, however I have. My wife and I got caught up some time ago and haven’t missed an episode since.

Elementary is interesting because, much like Sherlock, it is a modern interpretation; however unlike Sherlock, Elementary does its best to stray as far from the original cannon while still playing homage to it. Both Watson and Moriarty are women, and as I said during this episode, this Moriarty is by far my favorite. The story leading up to, and including, the reveal are among my favorite.

Let us know what you think of all these.

Which is your favorite Sherlock?

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