Episode 10: Documentaries

Episode 10: Documentaries

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poster_drewThis week, Vince and I tackle documentaries. We haven’t yet had a chance to discuss any, despite the fact that we are both huge fans of the genre. There have been a great many stunning documentaries released as of late, however having only an hour or so to play with, we decided on four… with a fifth, time permitting.

The first for me was Drew, the story of Drew Struzan who is best known for defining movie posters. From Back to the Future to Star Wars to Big Trouble in Little China, this man is uniquely responsible for how we remember movies. His story is quite interesting, however more so is the work that he has produced over the course of his career.

poster_room237Next up, we have Room 237, a very interesting piece which theorizes many aspects of the Stanley Kubrick film The Shining. This is in no way an “official” biography of The Shining, but rather an opinion piece. No mention is made as to the qualifications of those presented, and the production value (or lack therein) at points may make you feel as though the director simply interviewed people who came out of a theatre. That being said, it is still engaging and despite itself, thought provoking.

The Shining is a film which stays with people for a long time, especially after repeated viewings. You are certain to gain a few new insights after watching this documentary. If nothing else, seeing clips from the film superimposed to show it also playing in reverse is well worth the price of the rental.

poster_dear-mr-watersonNext is Dear Mr Watterson, a documentary about Calvin and Hobbes and their famously recluse creator. Calvin and Hobbes is known around the world, and held in high regard thanks to its wit, maturity, wisdom and just plain hilarity. The strip has meant a great deal to many folks, myself included. It also served as inspiration for generations of cartoonists which followed him.

Dear Mr Watterson does not include any interviews with the elusive creator, however it does speak to many whose lives were changed because of the strip. The director travels back to Bill Watterson’s hometown, and even takes a trip to where all of the strips are archived.

For fans of Calvin and Hobbes, this documentary is a must watch.

poster_imposterThe Imposter is a documentary that will stay with you for a while. You’ll think about it long after you’ve finished watching it, wondering how such an event could have possibly occurred.

The documentary is about a man who takes on the identity of a boy who’d been missing for three years. However unlikely you believe this premise to be, it gets less believable with every detail which follows. The man in question is French, having been “found” in Spain, and is in his early twenties. The boy whom he is impersonating is from Texas.

Would that the dissimilarities ended there, however I do not want to spoil too much of this incredible documentary. Both Vince and I agree that everyone should give this piece a chance, especially if you are a fan of cop/detective stories.

poster_blackfishHaving only a few minutes left during recording, we decided to toss in Blackfish at the tail end.

-Hides head in shame at the horrible pun.-

It’s a very interesting documentary, and though we didn’t have much time to discuss it in detail, we urge everyone to watch it. The documentary revolves around the killer whales at SeaWorld, particularly one responsible for several deaths.

It’s a difficult documentary to watch at times, however I believe that’s what makes it important to watch.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to leave us a comment letting us know what you thought of the episode or of these documentaries.

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