Episode 06: The Hobbit

Episode 06: The Hobbit

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As with many parents, I read The Hobbit to my youngest child when he was still young. The memory of those nights is something which both of us will always remember fondly. As such, I was unsure how I’d feel about Peter Jackson’s interpretation, as I knew going in that he was going to be embellishing it; he’d have to in order to stretch it across three films.

POSTER_TheHobbitAfter two viewings, I can honestly say that I quite like the movie, though it is certainly not without any issues; the most notable being that said embellishments, for the most part, take away from the experience, rather than add to it.

There are a few added scenes which Vince and I quite enjoyed, however let’s be honest… did we really need a song about doing the dishes? I think not.

I picked up The Hobbit on blu-ray, and though I don’t have a 3D TV, I can attest to the film being insanely gorgeous on a large plasma. The cinematography is, as expected, beyond what I could even imagine for Middle-Earth, and the special features, packed onto their own disk, are quite lengthy (ironically) and enjoyable.

Enjoy the episode and please, let us know what you thought of An Unexpected Journey.

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